Saturday, January 7, 2012

Already Begun, Part 3

I remember when my youngest son realized that, when he got out of college, he would have to take his place as an adult, assume responsibility, and  in general, grow up.  He was not impressed.  He quickly decided that growing up did not live up to its advance publicity.  He would have much rather remained carefree, allow someone else to maneuver him out of difficulties, and focus on whatever pleasant circumstances that life brought his way.

Now, I can almost see you shaking your head, maybe even chuckling.  You know that my son had to man up, to grow up, or live a life barren of accomplishment or earned satisfaction.  He had to learn that work, not pleasure, frames life and, to his credit, he did.

We, however, as believers, often do not. In  Part 1 and Part 2, we explored how, though we might begin a new calendar year, the journey of our life with God  began long ago. Now, consider that, in getting a grip on our ongoing story, we don't always think about how our faith lives must change.  Like my son, we do not consider that, after our first taste of easy adulthood, God will up the ante.  He doesn't say, 'Relax, you've earned it.'  Instead, he tells us to get our still-immature behind in gear.

He wants more for us and He expects us to want it, too.
From everyone who has been given much, much more will be demanded, and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.--Luke 12:48

Faith comes with a price.  It will not ease my way; it will pile it with obstruction.

As the faith is God's gift, so are life's challenges.  As one increases, so will the other. But, as trouble increases, so does grace.

Grace does not come with ease.  It is not needed there.  

As we ask for  revelation of faith, for wisdom, for a greater vision of God Himself, we have to remember that trouble and challenge will be their companions.  But so will grace, our access to your already-accomplished victory.

We should not be surprised when God pares away what we do not need in order to fully animate what we do.

And, thankfully, He has still more.
See Part4.


  1. God is the perfect parent. I'm so glad He never gives up on me and nudges me on to the next thing. Nobody knows what the next challenge should be for me better than Him.

    Happy New Year, Mrs. P.

  2. I just took a break from preparing to teach a 1 Peter class I am giving and decided to read a couple blogs. This goes totally with what i am teaching in that being a Christian involves trials, growing up, work etc. But it is all in preparation for eternity

  3. As trouble increases, so does grace....very true. I am so thankful for the grace that is available to us---constantly being poured out into our lives. (nannykim's place)

  4. "paring away what we do not need in order to fully animate what we do" - that really speaks tome and what I've been going through this past year. Even better, it motivates me to take advantage of this opportunity I've been given that hasn't really seemed like an opportunity until now - THANK YOU!

  5. Great post....we do need to keep stretching and growing don't we. But we are never alone in our journey to a faithFULL life. Amen

  6. fully animate. I like that. I want to be fully animated in my life for Christ!

  7. Excellent example of growing up and facing responsibility. Our children went out into the world to work and when things happened, we kept our door open for them to return home for a season. Then out they went again after their rubber legs were strengthened. God is ready with His door always open if we leave and return again to Him.