Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Cool of the Day

Imagine being Adam and Eve, juice still dripping from their chins, and hearing this:
The Lord God called to the man, "Where are you?"--Genesis 3:9

As if He didn't already know.
But His question reminded Adam and Eve they'd done something wrong. And they grabbed for fig leaves, looking for a place to hide..
It's easy to see that not much has changed. 
We still sin, we still feel shame, and we still try to hide.

And God still takes the initiative to find us.
He still asks, "Where are you?"
This is the real beauty of Eden--God was already seeking Adam before Adam gave Him a thought.  
Adam languished with his wife, satiated, absorbed, waiting to become as wise as God, when God interrupted Adam's torpor with a reminder that He still walked in the cool of the day and still wanted Adam, now disqualified, as a companion.

He does the same for us.
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.--Romans 5:8
The Son of Man came to seek what was lost.--Luke 19:10

He calls, He leads; we answer, we follow.
And when we do, we can walk again with Him in the cool of the day.


  1. Such a vital Scripture reminder for this sweet Spiritual Sunday. Thank you for a lovely visit.

  2. I am a very grateful child of God. He reveals my sins to me, even when I haven't noticed, and then gives me the way to break out of the pattern. He forgives, shares, cares, and loves. He's a blessing beyond belief.

  3. So thankful I answered the call. I'm a fourth generation Christian but I still had to confess my own sins.

    1. Isn't it wonderful that He's always looking for us, waiting, and once He spots us, is ready to run to meet us with open arms?

  4. The blessing that flows abundantly and always. It is such sweet relief to know that as often as we fall, he is there to welcome us home.

  5. Such a good view of God's call to us as sinners in need of redemption. And it makes me think also of how His open heart keeps calling to us daily for fellowship with Him and guidance by His word and Spirit. So good to read this and think about it when my world, my life, and my own head are so full of noises and distractions, that I often do not realize how disconnected my attention to Him has become, even in my "prayers" and "devotions." Thank you for this solid blessing!

    1. Sylvia:
      I wonder, too, at how rote our prayers and devotions disconnected. You are so right. Yet, even when seemingly uninspired, God must still love our persistence. That is a form of devotion, too.