Saturday, May 4, 2013

Let Me Do the Weightlifting--Being a Child (Part 2)

Ok, there are some things kids are not made to lift weights.
And, we are supposed to be like little children.
God says so:
Truly I tell you, unless you change and be like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.--Matthew 18:3
(Click HERE to see Part One)

So, as a child, I can do some stuff, and some stuff I can't.
How do I tell the difference? How do I know when I am lifting too much weight?

So, I made a list--

What I can do:
Let's see....
Chores and jobs, the things I can pick up right now. Yes, I can do those.
I can control my immediate actions and attitudes. Yes.  Don't like it much, but I can do that.
What else?
Not much, as it turns out. 
I can deal with myself and this moment, but otherwise, I'm pretty much out of luck.

So, how about a list of what I can't do?
Control the weather.
  Can I hang laundry? Can we go to the park?
Control my own circumstances.
  Will the butcher have good pork chops for tonight's dinner?
  Will the car stall out again?
  Will the neighbor's dog dig up my petunias?
  Will my husband keep his job for the next year? 
  Will our savings will last through retirement?
   Will I or anyone I care about live through the day?
Convince someone else to do or feel or believe anything.
   Will Jackie pick up his own socks today?
   Will Joanie know that I made her favorite breakfast because I love her?
   Will Johnny EVER come to a saving knowledge of Christ?
The second list, the one made of what I can't do, is much longer. Why am I surprised?

So, when God tells me to be like a child, what does he say to do?
He tells me to concentrate on the first list.
He tells me to let him do the weightlifting.
I just need to realize that I truly am a child--too little, too weak--whether I like it or not.
That's all.

I just need to do what I can and let Him do what I can't.
And remember that His list is longer.
Hm....maybe that's not so bad after all.


  1. Friend, the word pictures God gives you just leave me saying 'wow.' Well done! (and I love your button...) grabbed for my place :-)

  2. Good advice for someone who, as a child, said too often, "I can do it myself!" (Me. And now, too?) I wonder, after reading this, if often I try to do what I can't as a way to avoid doing what I *should*?

    1. Ooohh..interesting. When to let go and when to persevere...always a difficult judgement call. I'm not too good at this either.

  3. When my daughter was young we bought her a book, "I can do it myself." It was her theme song! But too often I act like this with God. And each time I have to stop and admit...I cannot do anything without Him. Love that picture!

    1. No kidding...gotta love that little persistent kid. Of course, God wants us to hand him the dumbells that are too heavy, but we sure think we can do what that little tyke is doing, don't we?

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