Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ninja Kittens: I Should Have Known the Danger

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Everything sweet in this world has a hard edge that also wounds.
Like a cuddly kitten that suddenly strikes with a sharp sword, warm days turn bitterly cold or dangerously stormy. Dreadful error shadows good intentions. Lovers and friends fail. Years melt a debutante into a crone.  Every flower eventually develops a curling edge of brown that precurses deterioration. Those close to our heart die.
I can't help but wonder why life is said to be a gift when it harbors so many bitter disappointments and hurts. 

And then I remember God.
You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound.--Psalm 4:7

God brings joy; life does not.
Life is the vehicle God made so that I could know the joy of loving Him who is perfection itself.
He gives me love so that I can return it.
He inspires hope so that I can survive life's inevitable wounds.

Whatever destruction people and circumstances bring, my God never changes.
No human being can make a promise they will keep. Knights in shining armor all eventually succumb to their own weaknesses. In the end, none of us can love one another through our worst moments. We will all shrink and retreat. The kitten will not only will cut, and deeply.

But God stands firm. He knows I am dust and loves me still because I am the work of His own hands.
God alone brings me the joy of a new day, as long as I can recognize that joy as His and His alone.
Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.--Psalm 90:14


  1. Aw, and yes. Cute and cuttingly honest post.

    1. Not always an honesty I want to have to remember but, yes. And thanks.

  2. Hi MrsP, yes you make some great points here. Life will always disappoint but God will not, thanks for the reminders. Thanks for visiting my blog post "Mothers of Influence" - as for looking back at parenting, I don't think there is one of us that wouldn't change something we did. I'm sure you did the best you could with the knowledge and resources you had available. Blessings to you. ~ Abby

    1. Thank you, Abby, I wish I were so sure...

  3. That passage in Psalms is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Have been reading the psalms slowly daily, getting ready for the monastery next month. So beautiful. They need no exposition, just careful, slow reading, like lectio divina.