Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Temple, New Fire, New Freedom 
The Holy of Holies.
The place where God dwelt among His people.
The place where men could not enter for fear of death because of God's monumental glory.

This the measure of the magnitude of what Christ has done:
The same glory that dwelt in the Holy of Holies now dwells in us.
God promised.
The nations shall know that I, the Lord, make Israel holy by putting my sanctuary among them forever.--Ezekiel 37:28

Forever. He dwells with His people forever. Even after His brick-and-mortar sanctuary has long lain in ruins.
Christ not only rent the temple curtain.
He sent His Spirit, the same Spirit that dwelt in that sacred place, and made it resident in you and me.

Christ freed us in this and, in a way, also freed Himself.
No longer is He confined to a place, but He is broadcast like seed among a walking, talking people.
No longer does humanity come to the temple--or to church--to see God.
Humanity looks at us.

God has completed His covenant, not by re-building a new temple, but by building up His people.
In what ways do you know that you are the construct of God?


  1. Amen! Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!
    (Visiting from Winsome Wednesday blog hop,

    1. Thanks, Ren, and have a wonderful holiday.

  2. In what ways do I know that I am the construct of God? When the pieces of this body of Christ fit well with the others God places me with. He is continually building His body--thank you God for your Holy Spirit mortar!