Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why the News is Good

Every Sunday, we sing about how God forgave our sins. Adam and Eve sinned.  I sin.  But Jesus came, sweet Jesus, and died for me.   

Jesus died because God wants us to live.  This is the good news, isn't it?  Knowing this, don't we have something to rejoice over, something wonderful to sing about?

Yes, we do.  But if that is as far as we go, we are missing the point. Jesus says He stands at the door. He stands at it crucified, risen, and waiting. But, the door to what?

He told us.  He showed us.  At the moment of His death on Calvary, the curtain of the temple split.  He opened the door to what lay beyond it...Himself. 

 The body of Jesus hung on the cross, but His nature, the holiness He shares with His Father and His Holy Spirit, had been confined to the darkness of the Holy of Holies behind an impenetrable curtain.  Our forgiveness through His death lets us in.

It's Him.  He is the Good News. 

Since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus by a new and living way opened for us through the curtains, that is His body...--Hebrews 10:19-20 (emphasis mine)

Jesus admits us to His own presence.  He tells us to follow Him to Himself.

This is why we sing.  He ushers us in, and there is no other way.


  1. Here's a bit I posted about a year ago: A Messianic Christian friend once said that when a Jewish father heard of the death of a son, he tore his garment from top to bottom in grief; he had been taught that the temple veil was torn top to bottom to express God’s grief at the loss of His Son. I am aware of different understandings/ interpretations; however, a multi-faceted God can most certainly have multi-faceted meanings to these critical events.
    Yours is obviously very thoughtful. This also causes some "hmmm" thinking.

    1. God absolutely does more than one thing at a time in almost any circumstance. I do like to unpeel interpretations like this.

      I've never heard this interpretation. It is definitely food for thought, and I can see how a Messianic Jew would find special meaning in this connection.

      I would like to hear your friend's take on Jesus' words on the cross, "My God, My God, Why have you foresaken me?" Someone told me that they did not necessarily indicate God's abandonment, but referred back to Psalm 22 and was a testimony to salvation based on the verses that follow.

  2. Amen!! "All Access Pass" is a retreat talk I've given, and this reminds me of that access we have to Jesus past that torn curtain...through the open door!!!

    Makes me want to shout and sing! =)

  3. Hi thankful he opened wide the door to Himself...and yes...this is why we rejoice...blessings to you...

  4. Amen. There could be no better news, and I love to sing about it.