Wednesday, March 20, 2013

On Becoming Holy

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I have been seeking personal holiness, thinking it a worthy quest, a natural and necessary step in my life with Christ.
But I have been going about it in the wrong way.
I have been leading with myself.

I forgot who is holy.
It is God, friend. Not me.
Only God. 

In fact, God is Holy, Holy, Holy.
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!--Revelation 4:8
The Bible does not tell us that he is Righteous, Righteous, Righteous or Merciful, Merciful, Merciful.
No, only that He is Holy, Holy, Holy.
Holy above all other qualities, above all things and all people.

Yes, I know. We are supposed to be holy, too.
Be holy because I am holy.--Leviticus 11:41
God does mandate a kind of  holiness for us, but here's the beartrap:
In the quest for personal holiness, it's so easy to focus on myself--the state of my soul, the condition of my heart.
And that's the problem.
There is no personal holiness, at least none that originates with me. 
There is only God's holiness.

God is holy and I am called to be like Him.
Only as I grow close to Him can I know any  holiness.
Only as I am humble and obedient can I get close enough to be like Him.
I am not the focus in my quest for holiness.
God is.
God is.
God is.
He is Holy, Holy, Holy.


  1. How true I find your post many times have I set myself determined to seek out holiness when it is not a think to seek it is but the results of the intimacy of Jesus and us...excellent thoughts this morning wonderful reminder to stay humble and in HIS PRESENCE

    1. It is so easy to get derailed...looking for something--anything--rather than God Himself. Keep pulling myself back on track.

  2. Amen. "Only as I grow close to Him can I know any holiness.
    Only as I am humble and obedient can I get close enough to be like Him." I've been aiming for greater holiness, too, and learning the same truth. There's only one place to find holiness: in the Holy One Himself!

  3. Jo--sometimes when I mention this becoming holy to other believers they get the wrong idea--like it's outdated or something? Anyway--I'm glad to read your words here--you are right--our Father is the focus and Jesus is the payment--done and done--for our being changed.
    Good reminding words, friend.

    1. Isn't that odd? That we don't think holiness is necessary or, even worse, possible? God has so much more for us--more than we ask or imagine (heard that somewhere...)

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    1. So glad. Thank you and God bless you.

  5. God Is.amen Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

  6. Holiness is a garment of Christ that we are given their an intimacy with many times in my past it was a status quo that I thought I had to obtain thru good deeds so thankful for the truth that set me free..

    1. Holiness as a garment of Christ. Yes. Liking this very much. Thank you for the picture.

  7. Not much more that I can say about your words and your "sharing" phase than "AMEN!!". So true... and so many forget most of those examples, Words you shared.

    AND... I LOVE the worship in Revelation. LOVE IT!!