Saturday, June 29, 2013

Taking the 'Crazy' out of Busy

I couldn't say it better than Francis de Sales:

Flies harass us more by their numbers than by their sting. Similarly, great matters disturb us less than a multitude of small affairs. Accept the duties which are entrusted to you quietly, and try to fulfill them methodically, one after another. If you attempt to do everything at once, or with confusion, you will not only burden yourself with your own exertions, and by entangling your mind, you will probably be overwhelmed and accomplish nothing.

In all your affairs, rely on God's Providence, through which alone your plans can succeed. Meanwhile, on your part, work on in quiet cooperation with God, and then rest satisfied that, if you have entrusted your work entirely to God, you will always obtain that measure of success which is best for you, whether it seems so or not in your own judgement.

...When your own work or business is not particularly engrossing, let your heart be fixed more on God than on it; and if the work be such as to require your undivided attention, then pause from time to time and look to God, even as navigators do who set their course for the harbor by looking up at the heavens rather than down at the deeps on which they sail. Doing this, you will see that God will work with you, and for you, and your work will be blessed.

What one task can you begin to intentionally share with God? Mine is dishwashing.
Thanks, Francis.

St. Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life


  1. Dear Francis
    Your words reminds me so much of Brother Lawrence who considered everything he did as a small gift to God! Nothing was too unimportant or too small in his eyes.

    1. You are so right. I keep reaching for whatever we civilians can glean from the contemplative life. There is surely more than we normally think.

  2. wow, those are some deep and true thoughts!
    :) found your blog via blog hop. (crafty spices)

    1. Thanks, Z! And welcome. Now I must go looking for yours!

    2. Ouch! I went to your blog, was admiring your two sweet boys, and my computer shut down saying it was a dangerous site! Do you have a virus hunting you down?

  3. Boy, what excellent advice for today! For women especially. And women like myself in particular. In the last several years I've finally started learning the discipline of NOT trying to do everything at once, of doing one. thing. at. a. time. Really helps prevent chaos! (And we were told multi-tasking was a sign of greatness? Bah!)

    1. Argh! Double tasking is not our friend! That one thing at a time discipline really does help, doesn't it?

  4. Thanks Jo, love it, something I can grab ahold of in my today and tomorrows.

  5. Hi MrsP! I do love Francis de Sales. My Spiritual Director gave me that book to read, isn't that the one where he refers to the reader as "God lover" in Greek?

    Anyway, I can certainly ask God along as I blog, and visit blogs too :)

    Peace in Christ,