Saturday, June 8, 2013

In Company with Songbirds

The came in silently, some with shuffling steps, some with walkers. They found the right pages with practiced hands, and looked to casual eyes like a hundred elderly ladies ready for a meeting.
Then they began to sing.
And I realized that I was in the company not of retired nuns at St. Francis House in Dubuque, Iowa, but with songbirds.

"We come to share our story...." they sang.

Their stories not so much as retired nuns, but as redeemed children of Christ.
The story that brings them so much joy, regardless of number of their years or the condition of their flesh:

"We come to break the bread..."

The bread of life, the cup of salvation,
the soaring redemption they all share regardless of their background or origin.

"We come to know our rising from the dead."
They may have trouble sitting, or standing, or walking,
But they know that amidst it all, they rise with Christ.

They taught me this.
Thank you, little birds.


  1. A precious post! We have much to learn from our elders :)

  2. I enjoyed that sweet post. Blessings ~

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  4. There was just a duplicate comment. :)

  5. Dear Joanne
    Yes, these people's grey hair is speckled with wisdom! They know how empty this world is without their Lord.
    Much love XX

  6. How much we can learn from these ladies. Precious. years of wisdom and truth!